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I dread Sophie’s first day of preschool. The thought of her sitting down at a mini desk to learn letters and numbers in front of a chalkboard–like the pre-k version of the high school that I hated– the thought sickens me! Not my baby! Ideally when Sophie is pre-school age she’ll be all of her Wild friends exploring the world we brought her into with me by her side, showing her the things I want her to learn about. How do I make this happen?
Being a part of Wild Child I witness first hand Sophie learning from being around other kids–without lesson plans and or a teacher-figure demonstrating stuff. I’m learning that being around kids who are both older and younger can provide meaningful lessons.
In my research for alternative preschools I came across one that was started by members of the Blue Man group in Manhattan. In an article written about the preschool, the writer says, “The school’s co-founder Chris Wink says his mission is to create “a school that people wouldn’t have to recover from.” I don’t know if he means like how a lot of people I know are recovering from Catholic school education or if he simply means recovering their creativity after having it standardized out of them.”  This statement speaks to my own fears of preschool for Sophie. While I received a stellar education in New York, I’m not confident that Providence will provide Sophie with an education that’ll do more good than harm.
So I’m just sharing my first thoughts about school as a new parent. I’m not sure where it is going, but it’s making me appreciate having radical parents in my community and radical babies for Sophie to grow up with.
The Blue School
(I have to admit that Sophie woke up from her nap before I could fully investigate this website!)
Circle Time at the end of a Wild Child gathering

Circle Time at the end of a Wild Child gathering


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Come Celebrate!!!

Come celebrate Saber’s Birthday on Thursday at Wild Child. He is turning 2!!!

Libertalia will be transformed into a colorful  balloon wonderland. Snacks and cake and party fun galore!

p.s. Bring your Presence no need for Presents please!!! Lets Play!!! Hurray!!

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Anti-Plastic Christmas

As an environmentally-conscious parent, I’m declaring my first Christmas with Sophie to be a plastic-free one. Despite pressure from family and the loads of toy catalogs I’ve been getting in the mail, I think I can pull it off. I’m dedicated to making all of the gifts I give.

So I’m sharing with our Wild buddies the fastest, cutest holiday gift for your little ones and their little buddies–gingerbread play dough. I made a few batches today during Sophie’s nap time and voilà instant plastic-free gift!

The recipe can be found at the blog www.sweetsugarbelle.com. I didn’t have all of the spices at home but it still worked out fine. I stored the dough in mason jars that I already had in the cabinets so I didn’t need to buy a thing!

I hope you all enjoy this recipe.

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Come to Libertalia this Sunday from 11am-2pm for a free market for all things kid hosted by members of Wild Child! Bring your gently used kids clothes, shoes, books, toys, etc. to trade or give away, or just stop by to find the things your child needs to get through the winter. This event is open to the public. Hope to see you there!

Libertalia is located at 280 Broadway Rm 200 in Providence, RI.


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